Script 2 Screen (pre-pre-production)


  1. Could you tell me about yourself? Your formal title/position? Where did you receive your education/training? Where are you based/currently working?
  2. In layman's terms, can you describe the responsibilities of your particular position?
  3. In summation, can you walk me through your normal daily routine from when you clock-in to when you clock-out? 
  4. When did you come to the realization you were called to the death industry? {Was there an aha moment or was it a slow build over time, please elaborate? Was it compelled by a macabre fascination, a medical fascination, bereavement consolation fascination, an industry mentor, a piece of popular media, please elaborate?} 
  5. Has there ever been outward opposition {from friends or family} over you entering this industry?
  6. GRIEF. Depending on your position in the industry, how have you observed grief? The old adage is that everyone expresses grief differently. Is there a particular grieving patron who's left a memorable impact? Whether it's from a strange/disturbing outburst, a mental breakdown, an extraordinary display of composer/compassion or sage wisdom, etc.?
  7. Are there certain things about this profession you {sometimes} wish you could unsee?
  8. Was there a fear required of you to overcome in order to pursue this career?
  9. Could you describe the types of peers you work with? Is there a common archetype or set of personality traits amongst you all? Is there a personality trait that fervently conflicts with excelling in the death industry?
  10. Do you have any thoughts on the process of dying or the afterlife you'd care to share? Have these beliefs changed since entering the industry? 
  11. What have you learned or observed about human nature in times of great distress and injustice {an unexpected death}? 
  12. What does the worst in grief-stricken patrons look like? Do some default to faith based beliefs to cope, do some disassociate, does an uglier side expose itself? Please elaborate…
  13. Is there a particular eulogy that has stayed with you whether it was because of how moving or how unconventional?
  14. Have there been any love stories you know of that have come out of funerary interaction?
  15. What is a virtue you've grown in and what is a vice you've grown in since entering the death industry?
  16. How do you decompress after a long day consoling/dealing with the bereaved/embalming bodies?
  17. Any industry superstitions or legends?
  18. Any instances of sexism you've seen or experienced in the industry?
  19. Do you think modernity {millennial - Gen-Z} should better inculcate death/thoughts of death into their lives? Is there any drawback to medical advancements separating human beings from facing their own mortality until much later in life {on average} whilst previous generations saw the passing of their own children, siblings, schoolmates, etc at very young ages due to illness? Do you see any generational differences in bereavement?
  20. What does death smell like?

    {I hope these foster some insightful conversations... let's go... Summertime's sizzling style}
    Laurel Elizabeth Hasara 


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