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  Interview with a Mortician Pt.2  Image by Laura Makabresku This in-person interview commenced on May 11th, 2023 in a Worcester, Massachusetts funeral home with a licensed Massachusetts Mortician & Funeral Director who wishes to remain anonymous. She will be referred to by the name, Tiffany for the duration of this interview. The interview will be paraphrased & condensed down to its most meaningful points (meaningful only in regards to my screenwriting process).  The truth, however, will never be compromised.  Enjoy... Q ( Laurel ): Describe to me your origin story; how did you get involved with the death industry? A ( Tiffany ): It was a calling. I know it sounds strange to say that, but... yes, it was a calling. I began in cosmetology and barbering school first right out of high school. There, I was forced to attend different seminars on cosmetizing the deceased. I remember thinking, " well, who the heck would ever want to do that {cosmetizing the deceased} ?" The