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Script 2 Screen (pre-pre-production)

 DEATH INDUSTRY INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Could you tell me about yourself? Your formal title/position? Where did you receive your education/training? Where are you based/currently working? In layman's terms, can you describe the responsibilities of your particular position? In summation, can you walk me through your normal daily routine from when you clock-in to when you clock-out?  When did you come to the realization you were called to the death industry? {Was there an  aha moment  or was it a slow build over time, please elaborate? Was it compelled by a macabre fascination, a medical fascination, bereavement consolation fascination, an industry mentor, a piece of popular media, please elaborate?}  Has there ever been outward opposition {from friends or family} over you entering this industry? GRIEF. Depending on your position in the industry, how have you observed grief? The old adage is that  everyone expresses grief differently . Is there a particular grieving patron who's left