Hello, my name's Laurel.

I'm an obsessive storyteller who is paranoid beyond belief about sharing anything (especially publicly) about myself haha so, I was hoping to begin by asking questions in the hopes of gaining new insights and socializing within a young writer's community!

My content is bizarrely dark, macabre, a touch Gothic and usually involves occult subjects, society's misfits and subtle (non-preachy) commentaries on classism.
My preferred genres are psychological horror and physiological suspense!


1) What socialite from the past intrigues you most and why?
2) What true-crime case do you think has been the least creatively utilized (an embarrassment of riches of you will)?
3) What would come to mind if you read a newspaper heading or a book titled, THE NOBODIES?
4) What tips do you have for growing an author platform from scratch?