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THE DARK NIGHT OF HER SOUL, Short Film Analysis ~ Director's Edition

A DIRECTOR'S ANALYSIS OF THE SHORT FILM, THE DARK NIGHT OF HER SOUL ( The Dark Night of Her Soul,  official poster) LOGLINE: In the middle of nowhere, a young woman awakes after a mysterious assault. She travels to a nearby church for refuge only to be inexplicably wooed by a dark figure in this Gothic retelling of the spiritual odyssey,  The Dark Night of The Soul by St. John of the Cross. THE CAVEAT: Firstly, I'd like to state the following:  I'm not a person of faith nor an esteemed Catholic theologian. There's still much I don't comprehend even after wrapping this small production. I'm an artist, a filmmaker. I've spent over 2 years of my life from age 23 to 25 studying the phenomenon known as The Dark Night of The Soul,  conceived by church doctor, St. John of the Cross in the 16th century. This short film is my intense interpretation of that very phenomeon,  The Dark Night of The Soul . It's not the singularly correct interpretation nor is it the